August update – And some big thank you messages

These last three months have been unchartered but full of understanding from our team and customers.

At times we have searched for answers within our business community and we would like to thank The Arboricultural Association: for their support for our industry. Navigating what we can and cannot manage within the government guidelines was challenging. We owe a big round of applause to our team of intrepid tree surgeons who were all incredibly patient throughout the height of the epidemic. Massive thanks are also due to our office staff who patiently waited in the wings until the spike of the COVID-19 had passed through May and June. Our customers were very understanding and accommodating while we rearranged dates and teams to visit when we were able.

There were a few positives that came from the epidemic. We have streamlined our machinery and maintenance programs. Our workshop was cleaned thoroughly with the aid of an Air Spade! Our chainsaws have been all serviced and are in top condition. Our IT system was updated to give us the latest access to new ways of working.

Lastly, Ringrose Tree Services would like to thank the U.K. Government for their support for businesses through the Job Retention Scheme. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you Rishi Sunak! You have helped us immensely.