Come Rain, Sleet, Snow, or Covid we’re still delivering professional tree services to our clients regardless

It’s Spring, gardens nationwide are beginning to burst into action regardless of the global pandemic. We’ve been able to operate throughout the pandemic with some very specific guidelines in place.

Our surveyors can assess your tree needs via a phone call or masked at a safe distance. We all have different rules and we’d like to abide by your personal requirements.

As qualified arboriculturists, we’re in the business of limiting exposure to risk. Everything that an arborist does should be carefully measured in terms of risk. Risk taken on by a customer with regards to your choice of an accredited company and the risk of carrying out the work. We are in the business of limiting liability for everyone involved: homes, public and not least our employees. We’re also in the business of saving some majestic trees in our landscape by root feeding and decompaction of the soil.

The year 2021 is quite a significant year for us. We’re 30 years young! Our wealth of knowledge within the Arboricultural industry cumulatively amounts to around 45 years of knowledge within the firm. It all started with a trailer and one chainsaw and today we are Oxfordshire’s leading tree services company. We’ve invested in our staff and equipment over the years to bring todays clients an up-to-date state of the art service.

If you’re new to tree maintenance, our trained arboricultural surveyors will talk you through your tree stock and make some recommendations and a plan for future maintenance in your garden. If you would rather a template for future works we can produce a detailed tree survey. A tree survey is a budget conscious way of looking at your tree stock by commenting on the health of trees and includes recommendations for all recommended tree work. We typically set out a tree survey with three, six- and nine-month categories of urgency. We also offer a mapping service.

We are more than happy, equally, to chat to garden enthusiasts and professionals to help prioritise long and short-term projects. In thirty years, we’ve helped 7000 customers reduce risk, save some amazing trees and realise some beautiful projects.

Stay safe.