Tree maintenance: an insider’s view of the tree industry

We’ve learnt a ‘bit’ about the business of trees over the past 30 years and we’d like to share our knowledge to improve your understanding of engaging professional Tree Services companies in Oxfordshire.

We’ve been around trees and the tree industry in the United Kingdom for approximately 30 years. We have decided to share our industry knowledge to create an insider’s view of our industry and hopefully unpack a few myths surrounding the management of trees in urban areas and rural areas.

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Knowledge, Trust and Staying Power

Every year we take our climbers to the Arb Show sponsored by The Arboricultural Association. This year we took four climbers to compete. All our climbers did exceptionally well which proves that hard work and dedication pays off. Congratulations in particular to Jordan who came fourth in the expert class and Tom who won his novice category. Well done.

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Spring is here

Spring is here and we’ve been training all through March to increase our knowledge and skill set within our teams. Recently we sent three of our arborists down to Somerset to train with Sorbus International in Frome. Chris, Joe and Jordan all came back with some new technology and lots of sparkling new kit from Sorbus as well. Thank you so much to Sorbus International: Ben Rose and Geoff Pugsley, Instructors for an inspiring SRT: Single Rope Technique course.

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A Moment of Reflection

Our trusty arborists have been training all the way through the year. We’ve done First Aid training for all our arborists, trailer tickets, CS38 (That’s Aerial Tree Rescue), Signing Lighting and Guarding certificates and renewals on our IPAF tickets. It’s certainly been a busy year.

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The Summer Sun

Scorchio’ is the only way to describe the current weather. As a result of all this dry weather, we have been called out to help customers to deal with branches dropping suddenly after a flash of heavy rain. Willows can be particularly affected as they are quite brittle in structure.

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A busy season in Oxfordshire

Last Summer we were watering trees that had been newly planted in Abingdon, Berinsfield, Southmoor, Henley, Didcot and Dorchester. Our dedicated tree watering team load our bowser up with fresh rainwater and drive the tree planting route throughout Oxfordshire. It’s very satisfying to drive past trees that are benefitting from our personalised care and attention. With the unusual patterns in our weather, this service is proving to be quite popular given the expense of newly planted trees.

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