Spring is here

Spring is here and we’ve been training all through March to increase our knowledge and skill set within our teams. Recently we sent three of our arborists down to Somerset to train with Sorbus International in Frome. Chris, Joe and Jordan all came back with some new technology and lots of sparkling new kit from Sorbus as well. Thank you so much to Sorbus International: Ben Rose and Geoff Pugsley, Instructors for an inspiring SRT: Single Rope Technique course.

Apart from the training throughout we have been busy carrying out tree surveys and scheduling our tree planting for November 2019 through to March 2020. Our intrepid tree surgeons are busy looking after many college gardens in Oxford. Storm Gareth hit some Oxfordshire villages in March, leaving debris on roads in Marcham, Didcot, Wantage and Culham for us to clear away. We are always in awe of our staff who are literally ‘on standby’ during weekends and through the night to help clear debris from our roads. Thanks guys!