A busy season in Oxfordshire

The Ringrose team have been busy helping our clients in Oxfordshire maintaining trees and hedges with vigour this season.

After a hectic planting season, all the trees that we delicately planted in the Winter months are now in need of some water to get the roots well established.

Last Summer we were watering trees that had been newly planted in Abingdon, Berinsfield, Southmoor, Henley, Didcot and Dorchester. Our dedicated tree watering team load our bowser up with fresh rainwater and drive the tree planting route throughout Oxfordshire. It’s very satisfying to drive past trees that are benefitting from our personalised care and attention. With the unusual patterns in our weather, this service is proving to be quite popular given the expense of newly planted trees.

TIPS for BUYING TREE SERVICES: We’re also extremely mindful of our responsibilities to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and advise our clients with hedges and trees that require maintenance annually to book the work out of ‘Bird Nesting’ season. The busiest time for nesting birds is from 1st March until 31st July and of course varies according to species, etc. If in doubt about the presence of birds in your garden, book a free site visit with one of our surveyors. We can confirm either way and make a plan for future works to be carried out based on our findings.

This time of year we are also carrying out a lot of survey work. Our surveyors are highly qualified to assess all your trees and hedges and make recommendations for an ongoing maintenance program with budgets and of course wildlife in mind. Why survey now? Summer is the perfect time to see the leaf formation and berries or flowers forming; aiding with correct plant identification. Our surveyors are always coming into our office with a random twig to test their fellow colleagues!